Our week at pre school.


This week on Monday we made pizzas. We’ve been really busy practicing for our Nativity and making Christmas crafts. We had a great session with Coach Ollie on Wednesday.

We’ve been lucky enough to be given some outside equipment from school which we’ve all been really enjoying too.

Starting school September 2019


Hello, please see the email below from West Sussex County Council. This only applies to parents of children starting school in September 2019. If you need any help with applying then come and speak to any one of us at pre school. The deadline for applying for a place at school is Tuesday 15th January.


We hope you are well. 


If your child was born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015, it will soon be time to apply for a primary school place starting in Reception class in September 2019, the OnLine School Applications will be open at 9am on Monday 1 October 2018 and the deadline for making an application is Tuesday 15 January 2019.


If your application is received after the application deadline it will not be processed until after all on time applications. This means that your preferences will be considered after all the preferences received on time and increases the possibility that there may not be a place available at the schools you requested or at a local school.


After the application deadline you cannot change your preferences unless there is a genuine unforeseeable reason for doing so, for example, if a sibling changes school. Before the application deadline you can amend the preferences by logging back into your online application. You must re-submit your application every time you make a change to your preferences. Only your last submitted preferences, prior to the deadline, will be considered in the allocation.


You can put 3 preferences on the form, please remember that if you only put 1 or 2 they will assume that you are willing to accept any school for your other choices, not that you will only accept the schools you have put on the application.


You can go and visit the schools prior to making an application and there is a list of most schools in the Mid Sussex area for you, please do contact them to confirm the dates of viewings and to confirm a place or for you to arrange your own viewing. 


Places aren’t allocated until after the applications close on the 15th January so you don’t increase your chance of getting a place by applying early, but it is very important that you do apply before the deadline of the 15th.


Below there is a link to check which is your catchment area school,




The link to make the application will become available from 9am on Monday 1st October




Some schools, such as Academies or Faith Schools have extra criteria when applying, so you may need to also apply to the school too, so please do read the admissions policy of the schools you are applying for, ring and speak to them or ask questions when viewing the schools.


If you live in West Sussex but want to apply for a school outside of the county, then you need to apply in the same way but you will need to change the county when looking for the school in the list. If you are thinking of applying for a school outside of West Sussex then please do speak with the school and that county council too to find out if you have to apply to them also.


So the timeline is:


Monday 1st October 9am Applications open

Tuesday 15th January Applications close

Tuesday 16th April Applicants will be emailed their school places.


I hope this is of help. If you have any questions or need any support in making the application, such as using a computer, please either email or ring the Children & Family Centre or if you prefer to speak with the Admissions Office directly:
Horsham (North) Pupil Admissions Office:
Email admissions.north@westsussex.gov.uk

Tel: 033 301 42903

We hope this is of help, if you have any questions regarding this or anything else please do call.


With kind regards


Clare Newman


Save the date


Our nativity will be on Thursday 13th December. It will be after the school Nativity so parents with children at West Hoathly School will be able to attend both. After our Nativity we will have tea, coffee and cakes. If you are able to donate a cake, all proceeds will go to the food bank in East Grinstead.

Heating issue


We are currently trying to fix a heating issue at the village hall. Regulations state that the temperature must be 18 degrees to open and it is currently 10 degrees. We are very sorry and will keep you updated. Please call us on 07854128616 if you need. Thanks! Pre school team 



This morning we were very kindly invited to he church to go and talk about harvest. We talked about all the different food that had been donated and learnt that now the food will be given to people within the village. We all had a really fun time and sang some lovely songs and did a treasure hunt around the church for conkers.