The week at pre school


What a fun week we’ve had this week! The children worked in pairs to get from one side of the room to the other using mats and without touching the floor. They worked really well together and did a great job!

We’ve had lots of fun in the garden this week and are so excited to be able to pick our strawberries! 

We’ve been enjoying making music and as usual our Little Kickers session with coach Ollie was great fun!

I wanted to say a huge great big thank you to everyone that came, helped, cheered etc at sports day. The children were all incredible and made us very proud! Thank you all the amazing cakes and for your donations. We raised a brilliant £55.03. We sadly didn’t manage to get any photos so if you’re happy to share could you send them to thank you!

Today at big school


Today at school we had a brilliant time. The children were absolutely fantastic. We spent a lot of time outside playing in the sand, the role play area, on the climbing frame and on the ride ons. We played puzzles and games, did our counting songs and had stories.

The cygnets stayed for their first hot lunch and they all really enjoyed it. After lunch we went to play outside with the big children and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the hedgehog classroom. (The reception classroom).

The fun we’ve been having recently…


When we were at Highbrook hall we had a visit from Mother Nicol, the children all enjoyed spending time with her. We were opposite a stable and the children loved watching the horse pop it’s head in and out from the window. We had a great time out in the garden there too.

Coach Ollie has continued to come on Wednesdays and the children are still having great fun.

Issy used props to tell the story of the three little pigs which captivated all the children.

We’ve also been having fun dressing up and playing out in the garden with all the lovely sunshine and nurturing our plants! ☀️🌻🌱

This week


On Thursday we will be having our pre school morning at big School. Children need to be dropped into the main reception at 8.45 where they will be registered. Please could all children bring their own snacks for mid morning, we will not have facilities to chop fruit up. Those children not in Cygnets will be ready for collection in reception at 12.30.

Cygnets will be having a cooked lunch at school (£15 cash payable before Thursday’s session, this will cover all the cygnet hot lunches until the end of term). We will be spending time in the classroom playing and getting familiar with the school environment.  Collection for all Cygnets will be 2.30pm from the reception. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be having a racetrack day and invite all the children to bring their scooters etc if they would like to. We will have our ride ons for the children to use too.

Any questions then please come and talk to any of us.

Little kickers


If you’re ever passing the village hall on a Wednesday morning this is why it’s so noisy! We have either Coach Owen or Coach Ollie in every Wednesday to take a sports class. They mix it up each term and so far this year the children have been doing football, basketball and rugby. We always have lots of fun!


Thursday 2nd May


This Thursday we will be at Highbrook Village Hall from 8.45am-12.30pm. There will be NO CYGNETS THIS WEEK.

Please could you send your children with their own snack for Thursday. (We won’t be doing snack as usual).

We hope to make the most of the outside space whatever the weather so please remember coats for your children and outside shoes.

Please come and have a chat if you have any other questions!