Over the last few weeks we have been out and about looking for signs of Autumn.  We have collected beautifully coloured leaves, acorns and conkers to create pictures and make salt dough impressions.  We have talked about Diwali, made cakes and soup.  Last week we lit a fire in the garden after talking about being safe around fires. We are also looking forward to our weekly visits from a football coach.  

What has been happening at preschool?


We may have been a little quiet on the blog, but we have been really busy at preschool.  We have invited new people to preschool which have included rugby coaches and dance teachers. This has been a great opportunity for the children to try something new and we have found they have been really engaged.  We have also been investigating sinking and floating, magnets, the body and using money. 

We have visited the church to talk about harvest, where our food comes from, helping others and had fun collecting food around the church.  We also made apple crumble to take home for lunch. 

Wow Moments


We will be sending home more ‘Wow Moment’ notes. We know that children do some amazing things at home too, and we want to hear all about them. Whether it’s building an amazing lego tower, swimming a length of the pool, writing their own name or recognising numbers up to 10 we would like to know all about it. It’s really important for us to work in partnership with our parents to aid your child’s learning journey. These slips will be added to your child’s Learning Journal and will help us to individually plan our next steps. 

This Term 


The first two weeks at preschool have flown by.  We have welcomed some new children to preschool and they have settled in really well.  We have been using circle time as an opportunity for the children to talk about themselves, their family and pets.  They have all enjoyed learning about each other.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks…