Football ⚽️

As it is currently the World Cup, we have had a football themed week at preschool. The children have enjoyed playing football, football themed air hockey and table football. We have also looked at different flags and spoke to the children about where they are from or where in the world they have family living.

Diwali πŸͺ”

This week in preschool we have been learning about Diwali. The children created clay diya lamps, made coconut burfi sweets, tried some Indian snacks, decorated rangoli patterns and doilies and loved exploring the different themed trays we had set up in the environment. We would like to wish anyone celebrating Diwali on the 24th a happy and blessed day, we hope you have a lovely time 😊

Farm week!

This week we have had a farm themed week, leading on from the interests children had last week during Harvest. The children have engaged with a range of activities such as exploring the small world sensory farm tray, completing various puzzles and matching games and farm arts and crafts!

Harvest week

This week we have been celebrating Harvest at preschool. The children have joined in with different leaf art, cut vegetables which we used to make soup, explored a sensory Harvest themed tray and play dough. We even made our own bread rolls! We also took a walk to the church to look at the Harvest display and had a sing song with Mother Nicole.