Let Nature sing TAKEOVER


Today we joined the ‘RSPB Let Nature Sing Takeover’ bringing bird song to millions of people around the UK. At preschool we talked about birds, where they live and what they eat. Yesterday we made bird feeders in preparation for today.  The children listened to the bird song on the RSPB  app and used their imaginations role playing at being birds swooping and flying. If you would like to get involved and support the RSPB project please look at their Facebook page or http://www.rspb.org.uk

Introducing our Wow Wall!


We are always looking to embrace the amazing things our children do and one of the ways we have decided to do this is by having a Wow Wall for the children to display their work. We would love it if you came and had a look when you drop off and talk to your children about their work.

We also have a new Parents Information board and will keep this updated with Pre School information and information from West Sussex County Council.

Soup making today!


Thank you so much for all the wonderful vegetables we had today! Look how much fun we had making and eating our own soup and toast! The children enjoyed chopping and preparing and learning about the different vegetables. They then buttered their own toast. They do this a lot at pre school and have all been doing so well! 

September 2020 School applications


Just a reminder that the applications for children starting Primary School in September 2020 have opened today (Monday 7th October 2019). You will have 100 days to apply and the closing date is Wednesday 15th January 2020. You can apply via the West Sussex County Council webisite or on a paper form. They recommend you apply online and do not delay. This however is not done on a first come first serve basis. It is your responsibility to ensure the form arrives before the closing date.

If you have any questions or need any support we would be more than happy to help so just let us know.

The offer day for on time applicants is Thursday 16th April 2020 by email. (This is the day you find out which school your child has been offered).

Below is the form you will need. It will take you to the Overview and once you have read the information you can select ‘Apply for a place’.


Our fun fun week….


On Monday we made biscuits and went for a walk around the village. We went to the church and did wax rubbings on the different textures and then collected lots of autumn bits to bring back to pre school. On Tuesday we went to the harvest festival with the school. The children were all amazing and made us very proud! On Wednesday the children made their own sandwiches for snack time and coach Ollie came in. On Thursday we had lots of fun dressing up and looking at the hungry caterpillar.