What we’ve been up to..


Playdough pumpkins

Autumn pictures




Harvest at the Church

Listening to Stick man 

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt tuff tray fun

Unexpectedly the cars ended up in a flour messy play tray they were all washed very carefully. 

Celebrating Birthdays

Planting trees at Forest School

We also had an unexpected visit from a Food Standards Agency inspector.  We received a 5 ⭐️ 

Coffee and cake 🍰 


We thought it might be nice to welcome parents into preschool for coffee or tea, as meeting us and each other has been challenging over the last few months.  
We politely ask that you take a lateral flow test before coming into preschool. Members of staff are testing on a regular basis to ensure we keep preschool as safe as possible. 
Thursday 14th October, 11.30-12.30pm.
If you could let us know if you are going to join us so we can get things ready.

Last week


Some of our favourite counting songs are on this Spotify album.  You might like to listen to them with your child. 

We have been playing Dentists, talking about cleaning our teeth and what is good for our teeth. We also talked about which foods are good for our body and not so good. 

Playing in our den.

We all helped to stick leaves on our owl babies.  We listened to the story and talked about who our favourite character was.

We played in our hospital looking after our dolls and being doctors and nurses. 

We went on two walks last week to the cricket ground to have a run around and then to the church to look at the coloured flowers and listen sounds in our environment.

We celebrated birthdays.

We made our snacks.

We had music time with Pauline the parrot.

We decorated leaves using rolls and paint. 

We investigated mirrors and reflections.

We used magnifying glasses to look at things we had collected on our walks.

Forest school


We had a great first morning at Forest School! We learnt about the call of a woodpecker, animal tracks, animal droppings and we helped to build a fire.  We enjoyed tasting blackberry tea after picking the blackberries ourselves. All the children were so engaged and interested in learning. We can’t wait until next week!p

Wow what a return!


After the summer break we have returned with lots of lovely new faces and many who have been with us for a long time.  Sorry we haven’t posted an update blog but we’ve been concentrating on getting everyone settled in rather than being behind iPads taking lots of pictures. 

It’s been such a positive start to the new year with a really lovely calm atmosphere.  We are looking forward to getting on with the year, having fun, lots of laughing and of course learning while we’re doing it. 

What we’ve been up to so far:

Listening to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt read by Michael Rosen (available on You Tube).  It gets loud in the hall when we are moving around to this one!! 

Playing with our new ice-cream cart. Creating and discussing our favourite ice-creams flavours, adding toppings and paying. 

Looking at hot and cold and breaking out toys from ice blocks.

Mixing colourful water adding sparkles and using the pipettes to transfer between carriers.

Harvesting our beans, onions, carrots and potatoes.  We tried the beans during snack time and this week we chopped up the other vegetables to make a delicious soup. 

Today we could sit outside to have our snacks as the weather was beautiful ☀️