Cygnets – Supporting the transition to school



Join Cygnets!

Our dedicated session for those starting school in September.

With Cygnets your child will:

rainbow-white-small Have visits to West Hoathly Primary School including hot lunches with the students

rainbow-white-smallGet to know their peers better for easy integration into school

rainbow-white-smallSpend time getting to know the Reception teacher and other staff at West Hoathly Primary School

rainbow-white-smallDevelop independence and build confidence

rainbow-white-smallHave the opportunity to learn important skills whilst eating lunch together as well as practice having a hot lunch at the school.  

rainbow-white-smallEnjoy structured activities guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage including arts, crafts, gardening, cooking, literacy and numeracy.

rainbow-white-smallCygnets takes place on Thursday afternoons, 12:30–14:30 during term time in June.