Cygnets – Supporting the transition to school


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Join Cygnets!

Our dedicated session for those starting school in September.


With Cygnets your child will:

duck Make frequent visits to West Hoathly Primary School including hot lunches with the Reception

duckGet to know their peers better for easy integration into school

duckSpend time getting to know the Reception teacher and other staff at       West Hoathly Primary School

duckDevelop independence and build confidence

duckHave the opportunity to learn important skills whilst eating lunch together as well as practice having a hot lunch at the school.  Be introduced to PE sessions and skills such as changing into PE kit.

duckEnjoy structured activities guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage including arts, crafts, gardening, cooking, literacy and numeracy

duckCygnets takes place on Thursday afternoons, 12:30–14:30 during term time from February to July at West Hoathly Village Hall.

duckThere is a Pre-school session on Thursday mornings, 08:45 to 12:30. so your child may attend for a full day if you wish.

 To book your place or to arrange a visit contact: