Last day Party! 


This Thursday will be our day at pre school for the term and we will be having a party. All the children are welcome to come from 8.45am or to come at 10.30am. The party will start at 10.30am and we invite all parents to come then too. We will do food at around 11.30am. Thank you in advance for all you generous donations of food for the party! 

A couple of reminders


In this hot weather please could you send your children to pre school with sun cream already applied and sun hats. The UV rating at the moment is often high so this is very important. 

Next week is our last week! On Thursday we will be having a party at pre school! Everyone is welcome and a food list will go up on the door today. 

Our week this week


We’ve started a new project with some of the students from Philpots school and their Forest School teacher Tom, building a tunnel for our garden. This week we helped them to strip the leaves from bamboo and start to weave it. We will be doing this with them on Mondays at pre school. The children are all very excited about the project!

With the big rolls of white paper we’ve been having fun drawing around each other and colouring them in! 

I’m sure you’ve all heard that the chicks have started hatching at big school so we went for a walk on Wednesday to visit them and see the first 3 that were born.

The week at pre school


What a fun week we’ve had this week! The children worked in pairs to get from one side of the room to the other using mats and without touching the floor. They worked really well together and did a great job!

We’ve had lots of fun in the garden this week and are so excited to be able to pick our strawberries! 

We’ve been enjoying making music and as usual our Little Kickers session with coach Ollie was great fun!

I wanted to say a huge great big thank you to everyone that came, helped, cheered etc at sports day. The children were all incredible and made us very proud! Thank you all the amazing cakes and for your donations. We raised a brilliant £55.03. We sadly didn’t manage to get any photos so if you’re happy to share could you send them to thank you!

Today at big school


Today at school we had a brilliant time. The children were absolutely fantastic. We spent a lot of time outside playing in the sand, the role play area, on the climbing frame and on the ride ons. We played puzzles and games, did our counting songs and had stories.

The cygnets stayed for their first hot lunch and they all really enjoyed it. After lunch we went to play outside with the big children and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the hedgehog classroom. (The reception classroom).