Fun at Preschool!


We’ve been having lots of fun at preschool! 

We went for a walk around the village looking at all the different buildings.  We are going to be drawing our own maps of where we live over the next couple of weeks. 

We have a new kitchen at which was kindly donated.  The children have been really enjoying role playing making meals for each other. 

We have talked about the festival of Diwali and created candle holders to celebrate the festival of light.  We had a procession in the hall listening to traditional Diwali music carrying candles (battery operated). 

We had a visit from Coach Ollie who we haven’t seen for many months.  The children were absolutely over the moon to see him.  We are hoping to see him again once lockdown is over. 

As part of a gross motor activity we had the slide on the ground, this developed into the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, which then moved to fishing and having snack on the banks of the river listening to the water flowing (using the speakers). 


30th November- INSET DAY postponed.  We wanted to ensure parents had seen the notice that inset day has been postponed. 

15th December- We will be filming  something for Christmas on Tuesday 15th December.  We will be emailing this to parents, please could you send us the email you would like us to send it to This film must not be shared on any social media platforms. 

17th December- Last day of term Christmas party all children welcome on this morning. Please lookout for a party food list which will go on the notice board.  

The Week Before Break


During the week before half term break we had parachute fun.  Listening to instructions coordinating our movements and  singing songs.  We cared for the dolls, dressing them in their new handmade clothes. We created witches hats sticking on our favourite shapes.  We also had a puppy visit and talked about how we care for puppies and opportunities to ask questions and of course have a cuddle if we wanted to.  On the last morning we had a Halloween party dancing and enjoying party food. 

Last week..


Last week were Doctors looking at the human body, using our keyboard and taking notes to check if our patients were well. We built towers, arranged colours, fed the dolls, experimented with mixing colour using the droppers and celebrated another birthday! 

Fundraising – Help needed


We have found a wonderful way for parents, grandparents and anyone else to help us.  Usually we have a few social village events to raise money for preschool and for everyone to get together and have fun.  This year is obviously very different.  We would love it if people could support us by shopping in their favourite online shops via Easy Funding.  A small amount for everything spent is donated to us.  We are really looking to get a shelter for winter so that we can get outside in the fresh air when it might be raining.

Please click on the link below to help us.

Last week..


We made soup, chopping and identifying the different vegetables. The children were making imaginary cups of tea so we got out teabags and talked about how we make a cup of tea, where tea comes from and what’s inside a teabag.  We ripped them open and mixed the leaves with warm water and watched the water change colour.

We drew Autumn leaves created coffee filter leaves, celebrated two birthdays, built huge train tracks stretching across the hall.  

Last week


Last week we went for a lovely walk to Finche Field, we collected leaves and pine cones and discussed Autumn. We have painted using the items we found on our walk.  We also made some fresh bread rolls for our snack. 

Take a look at some of the pictures….

Heating in the hall


Unfortunately this morning we have had a problem with the heating in the hall.  Luckily the weather isn’t too cold so we should be fine tomorrow while they source a part.  Please could you make sure children are dressed to keep warm.  They are hoping to have the part by Monday or Tuesday next week so if you could bear that in mind for the next few sessions. 

What we’ve been learning..


We’ve been looking at our Jolly Phonics (music available on Spotify) sounds S,A, T, I, P and N.  We have also been having fun with number songs Hickory Dickory Dock, 5 Speckled Frogs and 10 in The Bed.  

In our sensory tub we have had crunchy Autumn leaves, pine cones and acorns to explore.

A parent bought in a couple of huge tubes which became car tunnels, boats and many more exciting things.  

We have completed our new Space Wow board.  We talked about space, planets, read stories about stars and made loo roll aliens.  

Yesterday we used water beads and watched them expand as we added water.  We used words to describe how they looked, felt and moved.