Last week..

Lots of fun with water last week.  We added grapefruit, lime, lemon, rosemary and mint to our tuff tray.  We used an array of utensils to explore; using whisks, spoons, sieves and jugs to experiment.  We could talk about the actions we were taking also the sensory side of things such as the smell of the herbs and fruit.  

We had a ‘Big Draw’ morning inside (lots of activities outside too) with big sheets of paper looking at some mathmatical language (smaller, larger, taller, shorter etc).  There were opportunities for the children to draw whatever they liked, copy from books, write their names, mark make and experiment.  This was a really popular activity and the children reacted well to laying or sitting on the paper. 

Issy worked with some children looking at ‘dissolving’ using warm water, salt, sugar and sand.  The children tested which dissolved and which didn’t.  They wore their lab coats and glasses to role play as scientists too. 

We made playdough, with the children following along with the recipe and the quantities and adding lavender and a touch of glitter too (or fairy dust).

We also collected our first crop from the garden, radishes, lettuces and strawberries. 

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