This Week

Here are some more pictures from this week.

The Den at the bottom of the garden created by Esther this week. 

We are looking after our plants and what our plants need to grow.  We have radishes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, beans, marigolds, beetroot and lettuce. 

We have been pressing flowers.

We had the dolls house out which is always a favourite with the children. 

We developed making cups of tea and coffee into learning about where tea and coffee come from.  We got tea bags and opened them to watch the water change to tea.  We also used some coffee beans from the cupboard.  We used our senses to touch and smell them.  We improvised and used a brick to take it in turns to grind the coffee beans.  Lots of very engaged children. 

Sorting dinosaurs in to colours.

Enjoying the shade.

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