If you have a chance to fill out the quick survey below and send it back to me on my whpsadmissions@gmail.com email that would be really helpful for us moving forwards. We are seeking advice from the Local Authority and following government advice as to how we can do things next. Our main priority is keeping children, staff and families safe. At the moment the village hall has been closed to everyone so we are waiting to hear back on when it will open. We will of course keep you updated. Sending back the questionnaires as soon as you can will really help with our planning. 

If for any reason you are unable to complete the questionnaire and get it back to me then please do give me a call to discuss it and give your answers. You can reach me on 07854128616. 

If you would find it easier having the survey in a word document then just ping me an email and I can send you over the attachment. 

I hope your all well and staying safe

13 June 2020Dear Parent,

Following the government’s announcements on the 11 May 2020 about a phased reopening of childcare settings, we would like to ask you to complete a short survey to find out a little bit more about your future childcare needs so we can include this in our planning.

Please complete this by 22nd May 2020 and return to whpsadmissions@gmail.com or Hilltop View, North Lane, West Hoathly, RH19 4QG.

Please be assured that we are using all the government guidance to ensure that, when we are able to open for more children, we can ensure we are taking every precaution to protect our staff, children and their families. As such we will continue to discuss our plans with you and any potential changes we may need to make as a result.

Many thanks,


Pre School Manager

When do you envisage sending your child back to pre-school?

☐Already attending somewhere else ☐As soon as you are able to open

☐At some point during the summer term ☐I would like to wait until September

☐I would wait until there is a vaccine ☐I am not sure


What do you envisage your post lockdown childcare requirements to be?

☐ The same/similar

☐ I would need to decrease the hours my child attends

☐ I would need to increase the hours my child attends

☐ I don’t currently know

☐ I will no longer require childcare 

☐ Other (please state)


How can the team/I best support you and your family during this time? 

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

If you have any questions or any other comments please write them below.

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