Preparing for Christmas

We started the morning with lots of projects to be getting on with.  On the art table children were getting on with lots of their Christmas art works.  We have also started to make decorations for our preschool Christmas tree, which will be at our neighbouring village of Highbrook’s  Christmas Tree Festival with lots of other village organisations trees.   We have started to create handprints with each child which we will decorate during the week.  There is more information about the Festival on the Hoathly Hub here –

We have bought a new Latches Board which the children were really keen on using for the first time today. The board has multiple levels of learning, not only does it work their fine motor skills carefully opening and shutting the various types of latches and doors, but also helps with number recognition, colours and animals.  We also had the gears out on the large mat, so that the children could develop their gear designs.

Our morning learning was unfortunately cut short by a technical problem with the halls fire alarm system.  When the alarms sounded we exited the building with great speed and the children listened very well to our instructions.  We all went to our assigned assembly place at the primary school.  Whilst we were at the school the alarm continued to be triggered. We hope you all understand that we could not continue preschool without the fire alarm system working correctly.  Technicians have been out to fix the problem this afternoon, so we will see you all tomorrow. 

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