Nativity Play – Help needed


Monday the 12th December is our Nativity Play.  Everyone is welcome, including friends and family.

The play itself will start at 11.45am and we will be serving refreshments and cakes and also having a raffle to help raise money for Pre-school.  Christmas cards printed with a design made by the children will also be on sale (these can also be purchased at Pre school any day next week).

We do need some help with this and were wondering if parents could please help with any of the below:

  • Cakes/mince pies to serve after the play
  • Any food or drink items (wine, chocolates, christmas puddings, jams, chutneys) that we can use to make up hampers for the raffle
  • Anything else you might be able to contribute as prizes for the raffle

Please bring any items for the raffle to school next week.  There will be a sign up sheet for cakes at school.  As always, anything you can do to help is very gratefully received and all proceeds go towards resources for Pre-school.

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