Last week

Some of our favourite counting songs are on this Spotify album.  You might like to listen to them with your child. 

We have been playing Dentists, talking about cleaning our teeth and what is good for our teeth. We also talked about which foods are good for our body and not so good. 

Playing in our den.

We all helped to stick leaves on our owl babies.  We listened to the story and talked about who our favourite character was.

We played in our hospital looking after our dolls and being doctors and nurses. 

We went on two walks last week to the cricket ground to have a run around and then to the church to look at the coloured flowers and listen sounds in our environment.

We celebrated birthdays.

We made our snacks.

We had music time with Pauline the parrot.

We decorated leaves using rolls and paint. 

We investigated mirrors and reflections.

We used magnifying glasses to look at things we had collected on our walks.

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