Starting back in September 

Hello! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday 8th September.
We will be returning to our usual 4 mornings a week from 8.45am-12.30pm. We won’t be doing staggered start and finish time but ask all families to adhere to social distance guidelines ensuring that you remain 2 meters apart outside while your child is waiting to come into Pre-school. 
When you arrive at pre school we ask that parents don’t come into the hall and instead drop off at the door. We will be doing a temperature check for everyone entering the hall and then taking the children to wash their hands. Please do ensure that the children wear clean clothes each day and that all water bottles and snack pots are sanitised each morning before attending Pre-school.
We ask that at snack time children bring in their own snacks in a named pot or bag. For now we won’t be doing a shared snack. Could they also please bring in a labelled water bottle to use throughout the morning. (We will be able to refill bottles).
They will also need a change of clothes and weather appropriate clothing.
As per government guidelines we are currently saying that children can only attend one setting.
If a child within our care develops any of the COVID-19 symptoms we will isolate them with a member of staff in the committee room and call the parents immediately.
We have policies and risk assessments in place and these are all available to be seen upon request. 
If you have any questions then please do ask them. We want everyone to feel happyand comfortable and want to support you all.
The team from September will be Issy, Becca and Esther. Sophie will be on maternity leave.

One thought on “Starting back in September 

  1. Good morning ladies,

    Lovely to have you back!!
    If possible I’d love to bump up Eloise to 4 days if available?

    Let me know if that works for you guys?
    Jen xx

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