Hi everyone, we hope you’re all well and having a good week. We would love to hear how you’re getting on and please do keep in contact. You can email: 

We’d love to see any photos of your children’s learning. We can add these to their learning journals.

Here are some ideas of things that are available:

Hopefully you have all found the Twinkl link useful. Just before we had to close we were looking at the life cycle of frogs and we went out to see the frogs in the pond at school.

There are lots of life cycle resources on twinkl. We were going to be looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly yet and use the very hungry caterpillar book. There are lots of lovely hungry caterpillar things on twinkl from colouring in to maths activities etc.

If you have Spotify they have some great counting songs that we use with the children. We would also use the numicon sheets from twinkl to help them with number recognition and learning quantities. If you can help them with their number recognition and learning quantities that would be great. This can be done in many different ways. During this lovely weather you could use chalk in the garden to write the numbers and the children can use stones or leaves etc to match the quantities with the numbers. They could practice writing the numbers too if they wanted! 

Here is the Spotify link: 

For the children starting school in September it would be great if you could continue to help them practice writing their names.

Twinkl have some great pencil control work sheets that the children often enjoy doing. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage at pre school so click on the EYFS tab for ideas relevant to pre school age children. (They will also follow the EYFS in Reception at school).

If you’re into cooking then Becky from The Garden Chef at Chiddinglye is posting some great recipes and videos on Facebook of things to cook at home with your children. 

Please don’t forget that there is absolutely no pressure to achieve or complete anything other than having fun and staying safe. This is all very out of the ordinary and the children will be missing normality and their friends. Remember that every child is in this position and if they don’t want to learn numbers right now or write their name right now then that’s totally ok. The main thing through this is everyone staying happy and safe and us providing a loving environment for our children. You most likely will see a change in behaviour with your children, this is normal and won’t last forever. Please don’t forget that we are here to help and support you and you can get in contact if you have any worries or concerns. 

Don’t forget to keep in contact and we’ll be sending out more ideas soon! 

Sophie, Issy, Becca and Esther

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