Cygnets Sessions

Cygnets will be starting again on Thursday 15th June. This is an opportunity for the children to experience the school environment and meet their teachers. 

The children will all need to be dressed in a preschool tshirt.  This is so they can be easily identified as being from preschool.  If your child does not have one we will put a spare tshirt on them. 

I will be taking them to school along with either Alice or Sophie, and will stay with them for the session.  They will need to be collected from the main reception area of school promptly at 2.30pm.

On the day of Sports Day Cygnets will need to leave at 11.45am to be ready for lunch at 12pm. 

The children will have lunch at school (cooked on the premises) – there will be a cost of £2.50.

They will NOT require PE kits for these Cygnet sessions.  If you have any questions please ask.


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