Parachute fun

Today Liz came to preschool for singing, and she bought along her parachute and also her popcorn machine.  The children sang songs then we all held a handle and tried to keep a ball on the parachute.  We sang a ‘Popcorn’ song and we used beanbags on the parachute to represent the popcorn.  The children all enjoyed this activity.  Liz then made popcorn for the children discussing how and where corn came from and how it was transforming into popcorn.

The children are also enjoying making treasure maps at the moment.  This has been a child initiated activity over the last few days.  They have been discussing ‘X’ marks the spot and tracking down their treasure in the hall.  

At Circle Time we sang along to the Jolly Phonics CD, copied the movements and looked at pictures showing the upper and lowercase letter.

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