Autumnal Walk 

We went for a lovely walk today to Finche Field to look for signs of Autumn.  The children collected acorns, pine cones and a varied selection of leaves.  While we were outside we had the chance to talk about the life cycle of an Oak tree and that squirrels enjoy hiding and eating acorns. Our Autumnal walk covers the EYFS area of ‘understanding the world’, encouraging the children to look at the environment around them ask questions and arouse awareness of nature.  At Circle Time we placed all the items we had collected into our tray (including items some children had bought in from their own walks) so that we could pick them up.  The children could feel the texture of the leaves, conkers and acorns.  We discussed what they felt like and the colours of each item.

We all enjoyed snack together today straight after our walk.  We talked about any news and what we had been doing over the weekend.  In the fine motor tray we had a new letter threading activity.  The children also used the baster to suck water from one cup to another and the tweezers to pick up small rubber and transfer between bowls.

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