A few new pictures 

We’ve returned Bach from Christmas looking at lots of fun and interesting things.  We’ve also found a new way to share pictures of your children.  You should have all received an email inviting you to join Evidence Me.  If you agree we can then share photos directly with you via email.  It’s great to receive any feedback from these shares so that we can hear if you have anything to add. 

We’ve looked at the weather, our clothing and ice.  We found ice outside in the garden and also we had a tuff tray inside which we could melt with warm water. 

We’ve talked about out feelings and made our own Colour Monster board.

Outside ice fun

Dinosaur tuff tray which included a volcano.  We had a big book which helped us to identify which dinosaurs were which.  We talked a lot about volcanos and lava.

We had a visit from some 7 week old puppies! We asked questions, listened and played with them.

Our chats about volcanoes in the dinosaur tray led us on to looking at real volcanoes and we watched a short clip of lava erupting from a volcano.

We made our own volcanoes using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.  

Getting our hands moving using the tweezers and playdough. 

Everyone was enjoying the role play kitchen getting involved with cooking, cleaning and household jobs.

The string and cup telephones were a hit.

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