The last couple of weeks…

We’ve been caring for the dolls, washing them, putting nappies on and finding out what babies need to make them happy.

Some of us were drawn around and created our own super heroes or named where are feet, hands and head were. 

We created a wreath for Remembrance Day. We talked about remembering brave people who look after us. 

Looking at numerals and value.

Finding items with a certain colour.

At least once a week we have toast, crackers or rice cakes and practice spreading our own butter.

At Forest school we talked about animals that hibernate, we lit the fire, sang songs, watched the popcorn grow on the fire and created hedgehogs from pinecones and sticks. 

We used our new scales to compare weight and talk about which is heavier and lighter using bricks, dinosaurs or whatever else we were interested in. 

We read our friends stories.

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