Monthly Update

Monthly Update – May

The children are full of life, and are having lots of fun. Everyone is very well settled and forming good friendships.  We have free-flow between indoor and outdoor daily.  This means the children can choose where to find their activities.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to spend a morning in Jenson’s garden recently.  The children were taken on a nature trail as well as being able to play in the fields, and see the miniature ponies.  The highlight of the morning, I think, was splashing in the river.

We have held Cygnets sessions in the hall; these have been a great success.  The PE is the most popular part, and the children a learning to change out of, and back into, their own clothes, remembering to find their clothes where they left them.  In addition, we have been focusing on letter sounds and numbers, shapes and pattern.

Topics we have covered recently include Science – looking at gravity, floating & sinking, and “how things change”.  We made a volcano, which the children were fascinated by.  We have also been looking at different countries of Africa, Italy, Australia and India.   We have talked about their cultures, climate, animals and food.

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